NEAR (NEwly ARrived in a common home) aims at fostering the process of social orientation of newly arrived migrants (adults and minors) during their settlement in the receiving countries.

The idea behind the project is to activate a process of mutual trust, knowledge and cross-cultural transfer between migrants and local communities, building a sense of belonging of “a new common home”.

NEAR offers a specific approach towards integration working on a local level (Lisbon, Nicosia, Perugia, Milan) using a bottom up strategy.

The key outcome of the project is a concrete interaction between diaspora associations, newly arrived, local associations and citizens reached by a communication campaign, codesigned with the beneficiaries of the project.

Actions cover different target of beneficiaries: Short term: 3600 newly arrived directly involved in the project (60 asylum seekers and IP holders; 120 minors;180 university students); 36 community agents; 100 Diaspora and local associations. Medium term: 600 organizations (volunteer, private organizations and institutions) and 200.000 wide public involved through dissemination actions.

Long term: other newly arrived that could be informed thanks to the project activities; other national and EU organizations.