During our project, the beneficiaries, will participate in activities, promoted in collaboration with the local networks, aimed at the dissemination of environmental education practices and sustainable management of the neighborhoods in which they are resident. The activity, therefore, foresees the active involvement of voluntary associations as well, as a constant safeguard of civil society in the life of neighborhoods and a way for constructing identity and common spaces.

To encourage the involvement of the families of the recipients and cultural mediation with the receiving society, diaspora associations will be involved. The presence of entire families reinforces the project activity in building an inclusive neighborhood, which favors overcoming the diffidence between different cultures and the creation of more cohesive and mutual support territorial realities. Volunteer organizations and diaspora organizations will have a focal role in the implementation of the project activity and in the future sustainability of its impact.

4 Unconventional maps will be realized in order to foster the integration between hosting societies and newly arrived. These maps based on streets, spaces, squares are foreseen for a neighborhood in Milan and Lisbon and for the city of Nicosia and Perugia.

Local Actions